We have over 20 years of talent development experience that will help your business flourish. Industries served to date include;

  • Luxury retail
  • Convenience store retail
  • Fast casual restaurant
  • Online educational providers
  • Financial software
  • Higher education
  • 3rd-party claims administration




We drive growth and make your investments in people and process strategies flourish through targetted, pragmatic solutions that align with your organization's culture and goals. We use a fully customized approach that helps your business achieve results in a sustainable way.
Because we flex to your company's needs and culture, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. As a result, we have been recognized by some of the top industry organizations for our thought-leadership and results-oriented talent interventions.
In addition to our varied industry background, we specialize in multi-generational integration, leadership agility, and building a growth mindset in your organization to help your employees and your business blossom.
Meet The Team
  1. CEO, Verdant Consulting
    Dr. Allessandria Polizzi
    Allessandria brings two decades of leadership and change management experience to the Verdant Consulting business.
  2. COO, Verdant Consulting
    Kevin McClanahan
    Kevin brings his operations expertise to the Verdant Consulting group, keeping the business organized and focused on your needs.
  3. CEO, Infinitude Creative Group
    Jeff Kribs
    Jeff is our key partner and sponsor. He brings two decades of experience in training and media.